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Social Entrepreneurship Programs To Get You Started Down The Right Path

Creating sustainable businesses around a social cause is becoming more and more widespread. There are numerous successful social entrepreneurship examples that target a wide range of social causes. As a result, Universities have begun creating social entrepreneurship programs (degree and non-degree), to help educate future leaders.

For MBA and Master programs, have a look at our post here: A Range of Social Entrepreneurship MBA, MA, and Graduate Elective Programs.

Below are universities that offer online classes, executive or undergraduate social entrepreneurship degree programs. These social entrepreneurship courses teach students how to look for root causes in social problems, and how to find sustainable business solutions. This can be on an individual, community, national or global level. This type of education develops leaders who can go on and start their own business, lead nonprofits, or bring a socially responsible culture to an existing company.

  • Degrees at Babson University

Babson has been ranked number one by the likes of the Princeton Review and the Financial Times for their entrepreneurship courses. Both undergraduates and graduates can select social electives within the social entrepreneurship programs. Some electives include: Social Entrepreneurship by Design and Environment and Sustainable Entrepreneurship: link

  • NYU Social Entrepreneurship Degrees

NYU Wagner offers undergraduate students a minor in social entrepreneurship. Examples of the courses offered include: Global Social Entrepreneurship: Field Experience, Social Innovation Practicum, Understanding Social Entrepreneurship: How to Change the World One Venture at a Time, and the Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship: Problem Solving and Integration. link 

An Alternative To Undergraduate Social Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

You can always create your own social entrepreneurship course, by selecting individual non-degree classes. Universities such as UCLA and Harvard offer online, continuing learning, extension courses and executive courses in entrepreneurship and social causes.

  • UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension offers individual online classes in general entrepreneurship. Examples of the classes include: Developing a New Business, and Entrepreneurial Marketing – link. These entrepreneurial courses can be taken alongside UCLA’s online sustainability and social courses such as Integrating a Green Business Strategy, and Sustainability Roadmap: Developing Your Business Action Plan – link.

  • Harvard Continuing Education

Harvard is another university that offers non-degree courses in entrepreneurship and social causes. At the Harvard Executive Education School there are entrepreneurship courses such as Lunching New Ventures (link) and social enterprise courses such as Public Education Leadership Program, and Corporate Social Responsibility (link).

Over at Harvard University Extension School they offer online courses such as Educational Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in Comparative Perspective, Strategies for Sustainability Management,

Sustainable Business and Technology, and Corporate Sustainability Strategy. The online courses can be found here.

So there are a number of different programs for social entrepreneurship and enterprises. Some go down the full time route with undergraduate degrees, and then there is always the option of building your own education through choosing individual non-degree courses. There are also a number of highly recommended books on the subject outlined in this post: What is Social Entrepreneurship: Definition and Resources.


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