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Innovative Business Ideas: From Personal Outsourcing to FashionTech

From personal outsourcing, solar power energy companies, to fusing fashion with technology the companies below have used innovative business ideas to create successful enterprises.

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Light Tape

'Light Tape' - Fusing technology and fashion

Innovative Business Idea #1: Personal Outsourcing Service Portals

Talent brokerage websites are becoming ever more popular. These are sites that link together people with skills to people who need work done. Two of the more popular sites are Elance and oDesk. These sites host peoples’ profiles, from writers, web programmers, to designers, video producers, and marketing consultants. People in need of services can go to these web portals and easily hire people from all around the world. An entrepreneur can get a logo designed for a few hundred dollars from a graphic designer in the Philippines. A website owner can hire a writer in India to write 10 articles for their website for $50.

Elance and oDesk provide a wide range of services. There are also a number of startups that have tailored their websites to a specific niche. The Content Authority focuses only on writers, Fiverr only offers $5 services, while onlinejobs.ph offers freelances only from the Philippines.

Innovative Business Idea #2: SunRun

Solar power has always been a hot industy. A lot of new companies have entered the arena trying out different business models. One such company is SunRun. A solar system for a home is quite expensive ($30,000++), so SunRun will pay for the system, install it, and then will charge you for the power used (at a cheaper rate than what you would pay your electric company). If the solar panels generate more power than you use, you’ll earn credit which can offset future bills.

Innovative Business Idea #3: Fusing Fashion With Technology

As tech devices become smaller, faster and more powerful, startups are looking to integrate them into fashion (or even directly into the body). This provides a number of innovative ideas for a business startup.

South Korean designer Soomi Park has taken LEDs and fused them with cosmetics to create light up eyelashes. As larger eyes are seen to be more attractive in women (many women in South Korea look to cosmetics and surgery to make their eyes look larger) Soomi turned to technology.

Another example of a company blending technology and fashion is Electro-LuminX. They have created ‘Light Tape’ which is a strip of light that is as thin as a credit card, highly durable, and is bendable. If you have seen the latest TRON movie, then you’ll have seen their work. The Light Suits were made using Light Tape.

image credits: Al Pavangkanan


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